WIW - 1/6 Matchy Mismatchy

I feel like I should be on that, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" movie with this outfit. Did you see it? A good majority of Rebecca's (main character) outfits had a lot going on but they were all really color coordinated. I guess that's me today! I'm about to go see Les Miserables in like...........20 minutes. Yay! You guys can take bets if i'm going to cry or not.

Black faux fur bomber jacket: UNIF
Purple/black striped scarf: Vera Wang for Kohls
Grey/black houndstooth sweater: Hot Kiss
Purple leopard print jeans: Vigoss
Black flatform boots: C Label
Purple studded handbag: Marshalls (i do not see a label on this bag....anywhere. o.O)

Thanks for looking! Feel free to speak your mind!


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Helllllooooooo! Playing WIW catch up over here :*

Hi guys! It's been awhile! These last couple months have been a bit busy for me and i haven't had time for proper forum participation. Not saying it's going to get any better with the holidays coming up but i have some time now so i thought i'd stop by! I hope you're all doing well and i'm excited to take a browse through the latest posts!

Here's a bit of what i've been wearing while i've been away.

Photos 1-2: Worn today! I really like that the ruffles on this tank are not only contrasting colors but also textures. The...deep red (because you guys always get after what i call burgundy lol :D ) is jersey knit fabric but the black is more like a satin...(ok, fine, sateen?).

Photos 3-5: I wore this to a wine tasting on Friday night. I was the fanciest one there haha. But that's ok! Remember how i lamenting about not buying some faux leather pants last end of winter? Got some! Yay! Love 'em.

Photos 6-7: I wore this also. I'm really in love with these boots right now. As soon as i saw them i only waited like....a few days to purchase. And i'm glad because now they seem to be sold out in black on DSW's website.

Photo 8: Oh, hey i wore this too. I found these jeans for $10 at Nordstrom Rack. Purple leopard print must frighten a lot of people. :D I've also been wearing this newsboy hat A LOT. So far no one has asked me for a newspaper. :(

Photo 9: I wore this to work. Yay!

Photo 10: I did not wear this to work. :D Found this skull print top at Marshall's for $14 though! I've seen Nasty Gal selling them for like $48. @_@ It's a polyester shirt dude.

Ok. I'll stop there. Thanks for looking and reading! Off to read and look at your posts!


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WIW - Romantic Astronaut

That's what i decided to call this look. :D

I found these metallic jeans a couple months ago at H&M for $7! I remember looking at them in the spring for full price and decided not to buy them because i had silver striped pants but for $7 i'm sold!

In my internet browsing one day i stumbled upon some designer or retailer that paired metallic silver with deep reds and i swooned so i decided to recreate the look here. As well as combining a bit of sci fi with romance. Really love it and i've actually worn this combo twice now! Once out on a dinner date and on "casual friday" to work. :D

Thanks for looking. All comments are welcome good or constructive. ;)


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WIW - A dress + a skirt + shiny burgundy combat boots

OR are these boots still a deep red? ;)

I thrifted this dress when i found my batwing coat as well. Since it was a little on the short side i decided to wear my Vince Camuto mesh skirt underneath it to give it some length + a fun layered look (cause, you know, i'm addicted to layering).

I found these boots at Target and i could not say no. They also have a super fun metallic sliver color online. They do seem to run a little small though (if anyone cares?), i wear a 6.5/6 and i bought these in a 7.

I actually have two different sized feet. One foot is a 6 and the other a 6.5. It makes shopping for pumps very annoying, thus i don't have many pumps. I've been thinking of opening up a "near match" shoe store for years but i may be the only customer? :(

Thanks for reading! All types of comments are welcome! ;)


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WIW - Those paint splattered jeans + safety pins and creepers :D

Hello again! In a couple of hours i am headed up to Como Zoo with the family to check out the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival they are having! I'm excited as i've never been before and it looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully i'll remember my camera and can get some good pictures!

I made this tshirt a couple years back inspired by a Balmain shirt that was covered in safety pins. I still really like the look so i decided to break it out again today. I also like to layer a lace top underneath but i couldn't wear my lace bodysuit because it gave me horrible VPLs with these pants. Guess i should pick up just a regular lace tank.

I felt like there was a lot of edgy going on in this outfit so i curled my hair, threw on a headband and added a pretty lip to bring back the cute a bit. ;)

Thanks for looking! Hope you're all having a great weekend!


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WIW - leather, burgundy and lace!

Worn to work! Whenever i wore this...this past Monday or Wednesday i think - it felt like a fall day! Pretty exciting after months and months of 90s. I'm sure summer isn't done with us yet but it was fun to be able to break out some fall clothes earlier than expected!

Also, i have a question. Why does one color have so many names? Burgundy, Maroon, Wine, Cranberry. And then there's Claret and Oxblood but i *think* claret is lighter than burgundy and oxblood is darker. Or am i wrong? It makes internet searching for this specific color a little difficult. And then there are some retailers just labeling it as "red". Not helpful.

Well whatever you want to call it, this is one of my favorite shades to wear and i know i'm going to be filling my closet up with it all fall and winter long. I said on my blog that at the end of winter i should do a joke post in which i wear all of the items i've accumulated in this color in one outfit. But i already have two pairs of burgundy shoes so that might be rather difficult. :D

Thanks for reading/looking!


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WIW - my MOTG ;)

Yesterday after work i needed to go out and grab a few finishing touches for our new bathroom and i had my son with me, thus, a mom on the go look was born!

Since i had a lot of tough elements going on already i thought it would be fun to contrast with more classic, ladylike flats instead of my normal go-to boots.

And i was having the worst hair day ever so by 5:00pm i couldn't take it anymore and just threw it up in a ponytail. ;)

Thanks for looking!

ETA: apparently a faux leather vest is a lot tougher than a faux leather jacket. We went to visit my husband at his job as well and he said after i left several men asked him if i drove a bike. XD


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WIW catch up (pic heeeeavy @_@)

Hi guys! Trying to play a bit of forum catch up today and see what everyone's up to! I just got back from Chicago for Lollapalooza last weekend and it was a super fun time. Other than that i've been trying to avoid too much shopping temptation as we are in the final stages of finishing the basement and are going to need furniture and carpet and fun decor!


Pic 1-2: Worn to work. Still love suspenders. Still trying to move in my "goth-lite" direction. ;)

Pic 3-4: Weekend look. Was inspired by a Rockabilly hairstyle on YouTube I tried to recreate here so i thought a rockabilly type look (i think?) would be kind of fun as well.

Pic 5-6: Casual friday. I was really against pairing this jacket with this dress for a long time. It seems too obvious and too...."girls just wanna have fun" but apparently i got over it because here they are together.

Pic 7: Weekend. Worn for my son's 6th bday party!

Pic 8: Work. I believe this is when it started to cool down a bit outside. yay for layering!

Pic 9-10: Worn to work. I did a slight "Black Swan" inspired theme. :D And i'm so, so, in love with these shoes right now. Random find on Ebay that was obviously meant to be.

Pic 11-12: Worn today! It's another gloriously cooler day out so i got to wear these leggings i love with this Patterson J Kincaid asymmetrical tunic i scored on Ebay as well. I don't know if this brand runs big but when i got this it seemed huge. I had to shorten the straps quiiiiiiite a bit. Perfect now though!

Thanks for looking! All comments are welcome!


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WIWs with some style direction reflection ;)

Hello friends! I hope you've all be doing well because i know for sure you've all been looking well. :*

Here are a few of my outfits recently:

Pics 1-3: A weekend look. I said no more summer purchases but i had been wanting to add a denim dress to my summer wardrobe for awhile so when i saw this at Goodwill for $2...with studded buttons no less, i grabbed it. A little on the short side so i paired it with my slouchy, mostly flat, fringe boots.

Pic 4: Worn to work. I"ve had this skirt for forever and i normally pair it with some red accents so i decided to go for some blues this time around. :)

Pics 5-7: Worn to work yesterday!
And here is where the style direction reflection comes in. I really love this outfit. Putting it together and wearing it felt "right". So i think this fall i want to push my style into a romantic grown up goth look. Nothing extreme. Just deep colors, velvet, lace, maybe corset detailing here and there etc.

Then after thinking about it...i already have a lot of these pieces in my closet. So maybe it's not that much of a push? Maybe just a continuation? Not sure. I like to experiment so much that sometimes it's hard for me to see one direction or focus. I thought i wanted to try going a bit more boho but now i believe i only like to flirt with it. Too much didn't feel like me (I played dress up in my closet).

Asos recently came out with their trend guide and besides the goth and berry hues i'm also really looking forward to the sci fi/fantasty trend! Most likely unknown around here but i'm a pretty big sci-fi nerd. :D I went to a Star Trek convention at age 9 guys. I"m not messing around.

So thanks for reading if you did. Feel free to say what you like, good or bad. And if you want to see more pictures or find out where my clothes are from you can always check out my blog: http://nickichicki.com

*looks up* Uh, sorry for writing a book. @_@


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WIW - The $25 Bailey 44 dress and one other.

Some of you might remember me mentioning scoring a Bailey 44 dress i have been stalking for a long time on Ebay for $25? This is it! A seller had it listed NWT's at $60 but had a best offer button so i offered $25 thinking they'd never accept and they did! Yay!

I wore it for a day of shopping with my best friend who came down from Alaska to visit me. She just about died in our intense heat. x.x

Pictures 4-6 is what i wore today. Again it's crazy hot and i don't even want to wear clothes! Not even my office's normally frigid a/c could keep the heat away today!

Thanks for looking! Say whatever pops into your pretty little heads!


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