WIW - One DIY velvet skirt, worn two ways

Hi guys! I feel like i've been gone for a bit again? Trying to play catch up before i start my day today. We've been having the most glorious spring it's made me really happy. <3

This crushed velvet skirt was a thrift store find awhile back, it was originally a maxi skirt. I ended up cutting it up and re-hemming it so it would make a good spring skirt instead.

The first look was what i wore to a baby shower. I kept a bit of my edge here and there but toned down a bit. My loafers have arrived and i love them. Except i feel like they gave me cankles...or maybe i was just retaining water that day lol. Anyway, i still love them!

Second look is obviously the same skirt worn um, "i can wear whatever i want today" style. I've been wearing my creepers a ton. I think you guys know about my sock obsession and....i got this awesome dragon claw bracelet off Ebay! Love it.

Thanks for looking; say whatever!
More info and photos on my blog as always. ;)


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WIW - Creepers! Spiked shoulders! Backpack! Batman!

I finally got my creepers and i am so happy! I have a feeling that these shoes won't be a lot of peoples cup of tea but i think they are adorable and can't wait to wear them with, um, everything. :D

I also finished spiking the shoulders of this denim jacket last night and couldn't wait to wear it. I love it also.

To keep things from getting too tough i paired it with a girly dress, polka dots and curly hair. Oh and a Batman pin. I noticed this Nine West backpack the last time i was thrifting and i scooped it up real quick!

If you want to see more pictures or details about the outfit you can check out my blog as always. :)

Feel free to say whatever!


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WIW - Prison pants + Missoni for Target

Worn to work today! I think i have come to the conclusion that i enjoy cropped pants as long as they are high waisted/hit at my actual waist. I've done lower but i just think this looks better as my leg has a chance of still looking long.

I kept the shoe simple and looked for something that wouldn't cut off my leg line. I also have a nude wedge i could of added but they're peep toe and my toes aren't ready to let the public see them right now. @_@

Sooooooooooo what do you think of these pants? Honesty and constructive criticism is welcome. I mean, i took the tags off and obviously wore them so i'm keeping the pants but...um...i dunno....say whatever you want. :D


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WIW - "You Sure Rock a lot of Polka Dots"

Is anyone else on here a fan of the show "New Girl"? I love it and when i put this outfit together i kept thinking of that quote from the show.

I wore this out on a day date in Minneapolis with my husband for our 6th year anniversary. It was a super fun day filled with lots of delicious food eating, a little shopping and a whole lot of walking. Like, my feet started feeling it even in flat comfy boots walking. I was pleasantly surprised to get several compliments on my outfit from random strangers through out the day and even my husband said he liked it! Double plus!

Every time i'm in a part of Minneapolis called Uptown i have to stop by and take a picture against this graffiti wall; it's so cool. I would of taken a bigger picture of more of it but my camera died right after this photo. :(

The last shot is super bad quality i know, but i just wanted to show my outfit of the night as well. The DIY Balmain inspired crazy pants!! This was my first time wearing them out. I wore them around in my tiny town and i thought for sure people would make faces at me and point "behind" my back -BUT- much to my surprise i got tons of compliments on them all night. Yay tiny town locals! Expand your wardrobes from your sweatshirts and Uggs! You can do it!!!

Alright, thanks for reading all that if you did. Feel free to say any type of comment. It's truly alright with me.

If you want to see bigger pictures, more pictures or info on what i'm wearing my blog awaits you. ;)


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WIW - Leopard printed bomber jacket

Ladies! I am pumped! Yesterday was one of my days off from work and it was a glorious 60 degrees and sunny! I really hope this means spring is on it's way *but* i haven't spotted any robins yet....still, i'll take what i can get!

I know i've said quite a few times that i am not much of a handbag person but this little green suede bag wanted to come home with me the last time i was out shopping. I like how it's structured and a bit prim next to the baggier and wilder leopard bomber jacket.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to say any kind of comment - good or bad! And if you have any tips for shooting better pictures when you can't get away from the bright, bright sun share those too! :)

If you want more info on where my clothing & accessories come from, i have it all listed on my blog


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WIW - Wake up! It's Time for Some Neon! :)

I was in the mood for some neon yesterday so i put this outfit together for work. The pink, polka dots, headband and curly hair were starting to feel too sweet all together so i added some tougher booties and tied my skull scarf onto my bag. Ahhh, that's better! :) I also wanted to add some awesome silver spike bracelets i have but i'm nooooooot sure that would be very well received at work so i switched them out for the ones i'm wearing instead.

This is a remixed outfit (i think? I'm honestly not 100% certain what people mean when they say that...*blush*)! Picture #4 is how i wore this cardigan, top and ring back in 2010! Everything else is either different, or similar but "updated" with where my style is now.

More photos + info on where my clothes are from on my blog

Thanks for looking! Say whatever you want to! :D


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A couple wiw's - trying to stay inspired when it won't stop snowing.

This is a hard time of year for me. I'm starting to get the itch for spring, retail stores aren't helping and meanwhile it still snowing out. All my winter clothes seem, old or boring or i feel like, "i should of bought ___ item!" and it's pretty much too late.

Picture 1+2: Wore to work. An all black outfit with some sparkes, a unicorn and some leopard print thrown in. Also an experiment to see through pictures how i felt about cropped pants on me without buying cropped pants. :)

Picture 3+4: Worn on a weekend family day. I threw on this faux fur stole just because i wanted to wear it and we ended up going to a bunch of pet stores that day. It hit me midday, "...Is this weird?!" lol.

More pictures & info on clothing brands: My Blog

Note: There is a picture of me in a very too short dress on my blog right now and i would like to reassure everyone i didn't actually wear this dress anywhere except for 5 minutes in my backyard to take a picture. ;)


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