Maroon faux fur + getting over mixing brown & black

I have a mental hang up when it comes to mixing brown and black. I know it can be done and i even like the look of the colors together yet when i put together an outfit that has black in it i always pass over brown pieces in favor of more black unless the item already mixes brown and black for me. It's also kept me from adding more brown to my wardrobe. But no more! I like brown, i look good in brown, i'm hereby pledge to start mixing with abandon!

Brown shearling coat - H&M
Maroon faux fur scarf - Asos
Taupe shirt - Target
Brown fingerless gloves - Nickichicki ;)
Black pants - Urban Outfitters
Black combat boots - F21

I've been wearing these boots a lot because they have a good solid tread on them and wouldn't you know it i totally biffed it on some ice in the school parking lot today. So much for that. -_-


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Team Stripes, Team Blue, Team...Ridiculous Earrings?

I wore this today to run some errands. I love this cardigan because of it's beautiful blue color, pretty cables and because it is the 2nd warmest sweater i own. It's seriously warmer than some of my "winter" coats are. Which is rather sad to think about.

Anywho I picked up these crazy, long ombre tassel earrings awhile back and this is my first time wearing them. They're super fun but i think will be even better when my hair is just a tad bit longer.

Ready for the list? (because i'm always wearing like a thousand things at once :D )

Blue cardigan: Old Navy
Striped top: F21
Silver glitter belt: thrifted
High waist denim shorts: H&M
Black sweater tights: Target
Blue striped socks: Asos
Black combat boots: Goodwill
Ombre tassel earrings: Target
Giant heart ring: F21
Faux fur bag: Vintage

I think that's it! Thanks for looking!


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WIW - Hi my name is Nicole and I'm a lot of fun.

Apparently i was in a rather whimsical mood when i put this outfit together. Polka dots, more polka dots, stripes + fur + conversation starting jewelry everywhere. Next time i wear that cami i'm tucking it in's bugging me in these photos.

Polka dot cardigan - F21
Purple cami - F21
Black high waist pants - Urban Outfitters
Striped socks - Ebay
Combat boots - F21
Polka dot wire headband- Ebay
Glasses necklace- Target
Two finger skull ring- Ebay
Faux fur bag- Vintage

Phew that was a lot to list. Thanks for looking!


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