WIW - Everything is better in leopard print

I wore this to work....Thursday? Thursday started out a good day and then went downhill. We're starting to have some problems with my son at school...and he's only in preschool! ;_; Academically he does great but socially...he's having troubles (quick to rise to anger etc). As a mom i just want to immediately fix whatever problem there is for him but obviously this is not something i can change overnight. We're doing quite a few things at home to help but if anyone else has suggestions/has went through this with their child i would love to hear them!

*deep breath* Alright, back to the outfit! How fun is this skirt? It's yet another awesome thrift find that i am selling but i had to wear it to work at least once. And the shirt is sheer with a neat Victorian (right? correct me if i'm wrong) print that is in velvet.

And of course, more photos + info can be found on my blog. ;)

Thanks for looking (and reading)!


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WIW - A whole lotta look.

I'm touching on a whole lot of trends here. @_@ Printed pants, orange, bold stripes(well actually i guess they're kind of hidden by the jacket...), sporty top, mixing prints...butttttt i like it. ;) The first time i posted a look with these pants i made i kept everything else very simple so it's nice to find more ways to wear them.

I meant to take a picture of this top with my jacket off but i forgot. The sleeves have wider strips then the body of it, it's pretty neat!

More details here.

Thanks for looking! You can say whatever you want to, i don't mind! ;)


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WIW - Casting my patronus

I love this stag t shirt. I don't even know why except it makes me think of Harry Potter. And it's sparkly. XD I wore this to work today and i was happy. A majority of midi skirts always feel so ladylike to me so i tried to toughen this one up a bit to make it more me.

There's a few more pictures on my blog too if you want to check that out. ;)

Thanks for looking!


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A couple WIW's! DIY chain shoulder sweater

I wore the green sweater i added chains to, to work on Monday. I wanted to get a picture with my hand on my hip so you could see the chains drape better but my camera died before i got a chance. :( Another time i guess!

The second outfit it what i'm wearing today. As you can see we got some snow fall but it really isn't too cold outside! Yay! I'm so done with winter. >.>

Also! I have a blog now. @_@ I decided to make a place where the things i make on Etsy, the things i sell on Ebay and the outfits i wear all meet up. I would love for you to follow it if you would like because so far almost no one is. XD It's so lonely. http://nickichicki-nickichicki.blogspot.com

Thanks for looking and as always feel free to make any comment that pops into your pretty little heads!


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A bit of what i've been up to through photos

I know i've been missing on the forum for a little bit. I try to not spend a ton of time on the computer when i am home and i primarily get my internet browsing done on my phone when i'm...not at home. I am pretty obsessed with Instagram-ing everything so i thought i'd share some of the things i've been up to while i've been away!

1. Macaroons!
2. Making California Rolls!
3. Thrifted Jewelry find
4. New salt & pepper shakers XD
5. My little guy <3
6. Some nail "art"
7. A self photo on a very slow day at the office... >.>
8. Another one of my hobbies. Making "bento" style lunches for my son.

I hope this was mildly interesting to you...and if anyone loves Instagram please let me know your user name so i can follow you!


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Going a little grunge...

I've had this skirt for awhile and have wore it a lot this fall/winter but this is the first time i've been able to take a picture! I had wanted a plaid maxi skirt ever since i saw an outrageously expensive one by L.A.M.B, tried on one at Forever21 and put it back and then came across this one at Goodwill that fit me perfect! I love it when that happens.

To help offset the covered up, a bit grungy look i have going on i put my hair up (as much of a bun as my hair can currently make anyway), did up my makeup and added a pretty raspberry lip and a heeled boot rather than flat.

Black fringe scarf - H&M
Black faux leather jacket - Target
Black destroyed high-low sweater - F21
Plaid maxi skirt - thrifted vintage
Black heeled ankle boots - H&M
Lipstick - Mac "Rebel" (way more vampy than it shows here)
Giant Heart Ring - F21
Silver choker you can't see - F21
Black faux fur purse - Vintage

Thanks for looking! I know this style won't appeal to everyone but i felt really happy in my outfit today. :)


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