What i did today

A little fact about me is i love to organize things. Example, our dvd collection at home is organized by genre and then alphabetical. Maybe it's because i worked in a music store for 5 years? @_@

Another fact about me is that if it's not in front of my face i tend to forget that i own it.

So with that in mind i headed out to Tj Maxx Home Goods and picked up a couple pieces in the clearance section to help display my jewelry better. I already have pretty necklace hangers on my wall so i thought earrings and bracelets should join the party. Greg (my husband) says the earring thing is actually supposed to be for a plant but i thought it works pretty well for earrings instead!

We're currently in the (long) process of finishing our basement and when we do i'll have a walk-in closet (yay!) and the decor i'm going for is romantic Victorian with some punk twists. The dish that my bracelets are on reminded me of a saw blade so i thought both of these pieces were perfect for that direction.

Thanks for looking! :)


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A bit of what i've been up to through photos

I know i've been missing on the forum for a little bit. I try to not spend a ton of time on the computer when i am home and i primarily get my internet browsing done on my phone when i'm...not at home. I am pretty obsessed with Instagram-ing everything so i thought i'd share some of the things i've been up to while i've been away!

1. Macaroons!
2. Making California Rolls!
3. Thrifted Jewelry find
4. New salt & pepper shakers XD
5. My little guy <3
6. Some nail "art"
7. A self photo on a very slow day at the office... >.>
8. Another one of my hobbies. Making "bento" style lunches for my son.

I hope this was mildly interesting to you...and if anyone loves Instagram please let me know your user name so i can follow you!


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