WIW - 1/6 Matchy Mismatchy

I feel like I should be on that, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" movie with this outfit. Did you see it? A good majority of Rebecca's (main character) outfits had a lot going on but they were all really color coordinated. I guess that's me today! I'm about to go see Les Miserables in like...........20 minutes. Yay! You guys can take bets if i'm going to cry or not.

Black faux fur bomber jacket: UNIF
Purple/black striped scarf: Vera Wang for Kohls
Grey/black houndstooth sweater: Hot Kiss
Purple leopard print jeans: Vigoss
Black flatform boots: C Label
Purple studded handbag: Marshalls (i do not see a label on this bag....anywhere. o.O)

Thanks for looking! Feel free to speak your mind!


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