WIWs with some style direction reflection ;)

Hello friends! I hope you've all be doing well because i know for sure you've all been looking well. :*

Here are a few of my outfits recently:

Pics 1-3: A weekend look. I said no more summer purchases but i had been wanting to add a denim dress to my summer wardrobe for awhile so when i saw this at Goodwill for $2...with studded buttons no less, i grabbed it. A little on the short side so i paired it with my slouchy, mostly flat, fringe boots.

Pic 4: Worn to work. I"ve had this skirt for forever and i normally pair it with some red accents so i decided to go for some blues this time around. :)

Pics 5-7: Worn to work yesterday!
And here is where the style direction reflection comes in. I really love this outfit. Putting it together and wearing it felt "right". So i think this fall i want to push my style into a romantic grown up goth look. Nothing extreme. Just deep colors, velvet, lace, maybe corset detailing here and there etc.

Then after thinking about it...i already have a lot of these pieces in my closet. So maybe it's not that much of a push? Maybe just a continuation? Not sure. I like to experiment so much that sometimes it's hard for me to see one direction or focus. I thought i wanted to try going a bit more boho but now i believe i only like to flirt with it. Too much didn't feel like me (I played dress up in my closet).

Asos recently came out with their trend guide and besides the goth and berry hues i'm also really looking forward to the sci fi/fantasty trend! Most likely unknown around here but i'm a pretty big sci-fi nerd. :D I went to a Star Trek convention at age 9 guys. I"m not messing around.

So thanks for reading if you did. Feel free to say what you like, good or bad. And if you want to see more pictures or find out where my clothes are from you can always check out my blog: http://nickichicki.com

*looks up* Uh, sorry for writing a book. @_@


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WIW - The $25 Bailey 44 dress and one other.

Some of you might remember me mentioning scoring a Bailey 44 dress i have been stalking for a long time on Ebay for $25? This is it! A seller had it listed NWT's at $60 but had a best offer button so i offered $25 thinking they'd never accept and they did! Yay!

I wore it for a day of shopping with my best friend who came down from Alaska to visit me. She just about died in our intense heat. x.x

Pictures 4-6 is what i wore today. Again it's crazy hot and i don't even want to wear clothes! Not even my office's normally frigid a/c could keep the heat away today!

Thanks for looking! Say whatever pops into your pretty little heads!


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