My somewhat insane(?) summer wish list.

Are you guys ready for this?

1: Vivienne Westwood Winged rocking horse sandals

I might have to get knock offs of these as i just found out about them and they came out several years ago but i need them desperately. I know they're probably weird to a lot of you but i love them.

I was *thinking* about buying red but....i dunno. They're already a lot of statement so maybe black would be the better choice? I have so many black shoes....because i love them.

2. Wildfox Couture Skeleton swimsuit

The first one piece i have ever liked. I love the idea of wearing this as a swimsuit AND as a bodysuit. Hoping for a good sale later in the year.

3. Unif Silk Boss Robe

I'm honestly really hoping to find a vintage one of these thrifting or otherwise. I love the idea of it but it doesn't have to be this one in particular.

That's it (uh, so far)! 3 spendy items i'm hoping to save my pennies for this summer. We'll see what happens. I do "need" those shoes though. Let me know if you think red or black....even if you..hate...them? XD


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