WIW catch up (pic heeeeavy @_@)

Hi guys! Trying to play a bit of forum catch up today and see what everyone's up to! I just got back from Chicago for Lollapalooza last weekend and it was a super fun time. Other than that i've been trying to avoid too much shopping temptation as we are in the final stages of finishing the basement and are going to need furniture and carpet and fun decor!


Pic 1-2: Worn to work. Still love suspenders. Still trying to move in my "goth-lite" direction. ;)

Pic 3-4: Weekend look. Was inspired by a Rockabilly hairstyle on YouTube I tried to recreate here so i thought a rockabilly type look (i think?) would be kind of fun as well.

Pic 5-6: Casual friday. I was really against pairing this jacket with this dress for a long time. It seems too obvious and too...."girls just wanna have fun" but apparently i got over it because here they are together.

Pic 7: Weekend. Worn for my son's 6th bday party!

Pic 8: Work. I believe this is when it started to cool down a bit outside. yay for layering!

Pic 9-10: Worn to work. I did a slight "Black Swan" inspired theme. :D And i'm so, so, in love with these shoes right now. Random find on Ebay that was obviously meant to be.

Pic 11-12: Worn today! It's another gloriously cooler day out so i got to wear these leggings i love with this Patterson J Kincaid asymmetrical tunic i scored on Ebay as well. I don't know if this brand runs big but when i got this it seemed huge. I had to shorten the straps quiiiiiiite a bit. Perfect now though!

Thanks for looking! All comments are welcome!

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  • cheryl replied 11 years ago

    Gorgeous as usual. I can't pic a fav and you are killing me those spiked shoes. I so want and I want creepers too and its all your fault, lol :)

  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    Man, you and the girly-goth studded look are killing me! I love your hair too. Your shoe collection is so perfect for you. And can I just say that I think you've changed my mind about maxi-dresses with that outfit...

  • replied 11 years ago

    You so know how to have fun with fashion. Love, love, love the hair and eye make-up in 3/4.

  • citygirldc replied 11 years ago

    Rocking Chic as always. Love all of the above. Gosh if I was 10 years younger.

  • Irene replied 11 years ago

    You have a son? Wow, you have to be one of the coolest moms ever :P

  • Lori replied 11 years ago

    First of all, you don't look old enough to have a 6 year old! All the other moms must be jealous of your rocking style! Love those spiked heels and pink jacket!

  • Heather replied 11 years ago

    Oh, NB! How I have missed you and your rockin' posts! Like an issue of Teen Vogue! LOVE.

  • Aida replied 11 years ago

    FAB looks as usual, Nicole! I hope you don't mind, but no matter how many spikes or goth items you pile on you are still adorable ^^ Love how your hair is looking with the length, and I especially love your rockabilly 'do in #3/4 (one of the few long hair looks I miss right now!). Those spike heels are pretty neat, I like that it looks like the material is wrapped over the spikes rather than having the spikes pushed straight through. Great mix of looks here, and I especially like the occasional boho touch you put in here and there. Today's outfit is SUPER fun!

  • replied 11 years ago

    These are all so much fun!!!! Great outfits, all of them. My favorites are 2 and 9.

  • annagybe replied 11 years ago

    Love #1.

  • Jaime replied 11 years ago

    You have great style Nicole! Happy Birthday to your son and to his mom who deserves some recognition too!

  • sarah replied 11 years ago

    Nicole, it's so great to see your outfits again. I just can't believe how you can rock maxis, minis, and studs and make it all so cohesive and totally you.

  • CocoLion replied 11 years ago

    Man, I still haven't gotten any creepers! I am loving those on you. They are definitely on my fall list now.

    You are so awesomely creative and stylish Nicole! I was so excited to see you post! I love the way you never dress in a formula. You are the most inventive dresser here, you are really in another league.

    K done gushing.

  • Mona replied 11 years ago

    Your WIW's are such a treat to see. Love the maxi dress and your shoe collection is super fab.

  • glam on the inside replied 11 years ago

    Awesome looks! Happy birthday to your DS.

  • Suz replied 11 years ago

    What Aida said. What I absolutely love about your looks is the way you're able to combine the tough, goth elements and STILL look so feminine and approachable.

    Love your hair.

    Also happy to see you are getting lots of wear from that vivid neon jacket. It seems to work really well in your wardrobe.

    Happy birthday to your boy!!

  • Mita replied 11 years ago

    Super fun style!! The hairstyles really add to the whole picture and those pumps are really interesting, double-take worthy. Thanks for posting. For those with very different style or lifestyles, it would be fun to see if we can take some inspiration from your choices, to expand our style a bit.

  • MsMary replied 11 years ago

    Nicole, you continue to be the cutest thing around! Your outfits are uniformly fab, and your poses are so. much. fun. LOVE the Black Swan look!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Six!

  • harmonica replied 11 years ago

    Awsome! What Aida said. I love to see your creative styling - you are absolutely adorable!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    Yep - fab outfits as usual! Don't you ever get bored being so darned fabulous Nicole???

  • KathyL replied 11 years ago

    All these outfits are amazing! I love how you combine the studs and edginess with softer elements. 1, 5 and 9 are my favorite!

  • replied 11 years ago

    It feels funny to say this about someone wearing spiked pumps, but you are sooooooo adorable!!!!!!! I want to pinch your cheek in a grandmotherly way. (Don't worry, I won't!)

    You have perfected your unique blend of girly gothic sweet toughness, and I love it!

    Happy birthday to your offspring! He is lucky to have such a fab mama!

  • ramya replied 11 years ago

    You are so pretty!!!! And you rock each and every outfit here....
    Man you have a 6 year old??? I just can't believe this.... You are awesome!!!!

  • nicoleb replied 11 years ago

    Thanks so much for all your sweet comments guys! I can't believe my son is 6 either! Times flies by too fast.

    Cheryl - You should soooo get some creepers! Mine are double soled so if you didn't want quite as "crazy" a look you could always get some single soled ones! I saw a pair of gorgeous creepers on Ebay a few days ago - black with a burgundy velvet top. Someone had bought them of Asos and they were too small for her. I wanted them so bad!

    Una - Thanks! I think it's just a good maxi dress. I honestly don't really care for a lot of them either but i love this one. :)

    Lemonade - haha thanks. I'll have to let him know when he gets older. ;)

    Heather - I've missed you too <3

    Aida - I don't mind at all! It's kind of one of the many reasons i decided to try moving that route. My face is never going to frighten anyone away so i kind of feel like i can get away with a few more "scary" things than others might be able to.

    Shevia - Thank you! Super sweet! :)

    Sarah - I"m glad you think so; thank you!

    Denise - wow thank you! I'm blushing over here. I really hope you can some creepers; i would love to see them on another forum member and see how you would style them!

    Suz - Thank you!

    CenterSeattle - Thanks! I feel like i just learned how to "do" my hair in this past year lol.

    MaryK - thanks so much!! :*

    Shannon - haha don't worry i have plenty of lazy pajama days. Well inside that house that is. Don't get the wrong idea lol.

    KathyL - Thanks so much!

    Ali - hahaha thank you!

    Ramya - Again, blushing. Thanks so much. :)

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