What i did today

A little fact about me is i love to organize things. Example, our dvd collection at home is organized by genre and then alphabetical. Maybe it's because i worked in a music store for 5 years? @_@

Another fact about me is that if it's not in front of my face i tend to forget that i own it.

So with that in mind i headed out to Tj Maxx Home Goods and picked up a couple pieces in the clearance section to help display my jewelry better. I already have pretty necklace hangers on my wall so i thought earrings and bracelets should join the party. Greg (my husband) says the earring thing is actually supposed to be for a plant but i thought it works pretty well for earrings instead!

We're currently in the (long) process of finishing our basement and when we do i'll have a walk-in closet (yay!) and the decor i'm going for is romantic Victorian with some punk twists. The dish that my bracelets are on reminded me of a saw blade so i thought both of these pieces were perfect for that direction.

Thanks for looking! :)


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3 WIW's - Pleats, lace, tie dye, neon etc etc etc :) (pic heavy)

Heeeelllllllllooooooo! So two weeks ago i was in bed for 7days with strep throat. :( It was awful. I generally have to be extra careful when i get sick like that because it likes to stir up my asthma which has resulted in middle-of-the-night ER trips that i really like to avoid. But luckily that didn't happen and i feel much better now! I spent last week kind of catching up with life and now i believe i have accomplished that and can come back on here to play!

So without further ado....

Pics 1-4: Worn to work. Pretty simple but i love the dark, romantic feel of the outfit. I can see myself wearing this a lot early fall as well.

5-8: I have been waiting for this Vince Camuto mesh skirt to go on sale for FOR-EV-ER and then i randomly came across it at Nordstrom Rack (while it was still full price on their website)! Hooray! I love that it's not just a plain black skirt but another way to add texture into my wardrobe and the perfect length (to me) to wear to work and out for fun.

9-12: Worn today for errand running. It was only 64 this morning so i got another chance to wear my neon jacket. I haven't worn a plain white t in forever and it was boring me to death so i was like, "what goes with neon? More neon!" and threw on earrings and a necklace in another neon shade. No regrets!!!

Thanks for reading if you did. If you didn't that's cool too. All comments are welcome as always! I look forward to seeing all of your looks and catching up on what i missed!


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WIWs - Brightest Jacket Rides Again + Orange, blue and feather print

Hi guys! I'm pretty sure i just consumed the largest burrito in the world so i'm going to type this out real quick before i fall into a food coma.

Outfit 1: All things you've seen before just combined in a new way. I was super tired this morning so the photo quality is not the best. Oops! But i still like how the outfit turned out! Except i would of added some socks if i could of found a matching pair :X

Outfit 2: Worn today! Really enjoying tulip skirts and i decided burnt orange is my favorite of the orange shades. I'm wondering about pairing this skirt next with my studded peplum top? How do you feel about that? I guess i'll have to try them on together to see what i think...

Thanks for looking!


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WIW - I Saw a Red Door and I Want It Painted Black

I've been wearing this outfit quite a bit. Pretty much any day that it is super hot outside and i've been laying around being sweaty and then i realize i need to run out and do some quick errands. Super easy to just throw on and i like it a lot. :)

The shirt used to be my husbands but he no longer wanted it so i chopped it up and turned it into a tank for me. I popped a striped bandeau underneath to preserve modesty and sneak another pattern into the outfit. :)

Thanks for looking!


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WIW - Floral, stripes and shoulder embellishment

I wear this skirt quite a bit but i love it very much and apparently it is very versatile. :)
I also really love this top! It was a random find at a random consignment shop when i was in WI last summer for a Bon Iver concert.

And....i wore this to work! That's it i guess! Thanks for looking!


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