A couple wiw's - trying to stay inspired when it won't stop snowing.

This is a hard time of year for me. I'm starting to get the itch for spring, retail stores aren't helping and meanwhile it still snowing out. All my winter clothes seem, old or boring or i feel like, "i should of bought ___ item!" and it's pretty much too late.

Picture 1+2: Wore to work. An all black outfit with some sparkes, a unicorn and some leopard print thrown in. Also an experiment to see through pictures how i felt about cropped pants on me without buying cropped pants. :)

Picture 3+4: Worn on a weekend family day. I threw on this faux fur stole just because i wanted to wear it and we ended up going to a bunch of pet stores that day. It hit me midday, "...Is this weird?!" lol.

More pictures & info on clothing brands: My Blog

Note: There is a picture of me in a very too short dress on my blog right now and i would like to reassure everyone i didn't actually wear this dress anywhere except for 5 minutes in my backyard to take a picture. ;)

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  • MsMary replied 11 years ago

    The blog link isn't working for me! :(

    But from what I can see here, you continue to be the cutest thing going!! I like the cropped pants length in the first outfit!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    I totally hear you Nicole - we got another dump of snow over the last few days and even though it's been a very mild winter for us, I'm still soooooo ready for it to be over! And then I see ladies on YLF sporting their colourful spring stuff and it just makes me drool!

    But your first outfit is fantastic! I love the booties and your bag in particular! Stay strong - winter will end!

  • nicoleb replied 11 years ago

    Ha thanks for the heads up MaryK. It would probably help if i typed it in right. -_-

  • Jilly replied 11 years ago

    I really like both outfits - especially the leopard booties! And I also think the faux fur stole looks perfect in the snowJ; it is kind of funny that you wore it ti the pet store, though :)

  • MsMary replied 11 years ago

    There's the blog! Your outfits look even better in the bigger pics! And OMG that eBay velvet dress is TDF!!

  • Jonesy replied 11 years ago

    You look great! I think those cropped pants work well with the leopard booties.

  • ManidipaM replied 11 years ago

    Fabulousness personified, Nicole! I'll be perverse and pray for more snow if it gives you such inspiration ;-)

    Seriously, at least you know now that you can make a beeline for the cropped pants as soon as it warms up some. And you sure know how to add interest to all-black --- NOT boring, so impressive!

  • AJ replied 11 years ago

    1) That black bag is FAB!! Cropped length pants look good on you.

    2) Luv the faux fur stole and sunnies!

  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    All of these are really fun and so you. I hear you on the snow - we may be having a record-breaking amount of snow this winter, and in Alaska you can imagine how bad that is! Every time I see a snow flake I literally scream out loud. That's a lot of screaming. :)

  • cciele replied 11 years ago

    So with the comment about the dress I had to go look on the blog -- and I think that dress is adorable on you, especially with those stockings! I would buy that in a second if it were my size. length be damned ;)

  • citygirldc replied 11 years ago

    You look great. I wish you'd send some snow out this way. We haven't had any this year.

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