WIW - 2 recent office-y looks

First - a rant: So i redid my hair and it lasted for...a week. I don't even wash my hair everyday! So i am redoing tonight and then after that i think it's back to basic brown. I don't have time to redo highlights every week nor do i want to! Plus unlike the box dye that i use it makes me clarify my hair so it's thirsty and i already have dry hair. I can't be clarifying it every week. @_@

Outfit 1: I wore something extremely similar to this before so i guess this is *kinda* a remix (i'm still a little unsure about that term...). Haven't worn this blazer in awhile and i am all about shoppin' that closet right now.

Outfit 2: Worn today. I don't really care for big bows but i am a sucker for bold stripes and sheer clothing. I'm planning on wearing this top tomorrow too but i'm going to grungify (i like to make up words) it up for a weekend look.

More photos and info on the blog

Thanks for looking! Say whatever pops into your pretty little heads!


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WIW - Coated blazer, mesh and ombre.

Worn to work today! This skirt has gotten a little too big for me in the waist (this seems to be the story of my life lately -_-) so i belted it a tad lower in an attempt to make a paper bag type waist out of it. Took a mesh tank i have and made it work appropriate with a cami underneath and a blazer over top!

Also i touched up my pink highlights last night. That was...an experience.

If you want to see more pictures or outfit details my blog is there to help. :)

Thanks for looking!


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WIW - Hearts, dots, and a skeleton hand hair clip

I'm about to run out the door to Trader Joe's (SO excited. It's like an hour drive. x.x) but i'd thought i'd post my outfit real fast! I was having a bad morning so i tried to quickly correct it by wearing a bunch of fun/favorite things at once. It worked! :D

Also, inspired by Greg's post, tried to improve my photos a bit. :)

More photos & info on my blog as always. :)

Thanks for looking!


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WIW - More playing around with peplum

I don't own many pencil skirts and i honestly haven't worn this one in forever but i really wanted to wear my peplum top in another way so i threw them together for another work outfit. I think it turned out well. At first i was wondering if maybe the flared part (or is that just called the peplum?) was too long for the skirt but i think it looks alright.

Comments? Suggestions? Criticism? Go right ahead. ;)

Thanks for looking!


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WIW - Pink + Purple O.o

So i was originally going to throw a black cardigan on with this outfit but then i remembered liking Tanya's pink & purple color combo (except i think it was supposed to be different shades of purple? it looked like pink to me...) and decided to grab this purple one instead. I feel like my wardrobe is getting progressively darker and i've been wearing a lot more black than i used to so this was a bit of a switch up. Between the pink hair and this color combo i felt like a My Little Pony. Except a dragon claw still has my arm so obviously i'm a My Little Pony in a bit of distress.

More photos and where my clothes are from on my blog

Thanks for looking!


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WIW - In a galaxy far, far away....

First off let me say....it was HOT when i wore this (well ok, 80. But it felt really hot.) so you'll have to pardon me if i look a little grungy. Because...i was a little grungy lol. I literally threw this on in the middle of the day to run some errands for a couple hours and then i was back to soaking up sunshine the rest of the day. :D

Second, I love galaxy print! And high/low skirts. The only thing that could make this skirt even better, imo is it could be just a tad bit longer in the back to make it even more dramatic.

Thanks for looking! :)


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Look what just came in the mail!

Taaaa-daaaa! Seriously so in love! <3


WIW Catch up - 5 different looks :)

Soooo i have a little bit of time to post because my friend who is supposed to be picking up is late (she's always late lol). So while i am waiting i thought i would post. Hopefully it's ok if i post and run...unless she's a full hour late (she has 10 minutes left to accomplish this)...then i guess i have more time! :P

Pic 1: Super windy so my dress kept being blown against my legs but i thought it turned out kind of cool looking anyway. I knotted a t shirt over the dress and tried to successfully drape my jacket. >.>

Pic 2: These acid wash jeans are probably the exact opposite thing i should be putting on my body type but...i love them and i wear them all the time. <3

Pic 3: Worn to work. I got this high low skirt quite a while ago but so far i don't wear it very much. I think i prefer high/low skirts when the high and the low are more extreme. But that wouldn't make for a very work appropriate skirt. :-/

Pic 4+5: Worn to work. This was my first day debuting my pink hair at the office so i tried to keep things pretty simple in an attempt to make my boss not regret his decision to give me the green light to do this. :D

Pic 6-9: What i'm wearing today! This is my first time wearing the Balmain inspired jeans i made during the day time but i've worn them a ton at night! I kept everything else pretty simple since the pants are quite a statement. Hanging out with the girlfriends today so i like to ramp it up because when you're preoccupied with friends you don't notice the general public staring at you so much lol.

Thanks for looking! All comments good or bad (constructive?) are welcome! There are a lot more pictures on my blog along with info on where my clothes come from. ;)


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My somewhat insane(?) summer wish list.

Are you guys ready for this?

1: Vivienne Westwood Winged rocking horse sandals

I might have to get knock offs of these as i just found out about them and they came out several years ago but i need them desperately. I know they're probably weird to a lot of you but i love them.

I was *thinking* about buying red but....i dunno. They're already a lot of statement so maybe black would be the better choice? I have so many black shoes....because i love them.

2. Wildfox Couture Skeleton swimsuit

The first one piece i have ever liked. I love the idea of wearing this as a swimsuit AND as a bodysuit. Hoping for a good sale later in the year.

3. Unif Silk Boss Robe

I'm honestly really hoping to find a vintage one of these thrifting or otherwise. I love the idea of it but it doesn't have to be this one in particular.

That's it (uh, so far)! 3 spendy items i'm hoping to save my pennies for this summer. We'll see what happens. I do "need" those shoes though. Let me know if you think red or black....even if you..hate...them? XD


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WIW - Peplum, colored jeans, lots of texture.

Catching up on some WIW's from this week and last so far. I seem to have caught a cold since Sunday but i'm trying to ignore it (while still going to bed on time.).

Pic #1 is what i wore on a family zoo outing! I love zoos. This one (Como for you MN ladies) also has lots of neat plants and beautiful flowers to look at as well. I could momentarily pretend like i was on vacation in the tropics. XD

Pic 2-3 was worn to work. My new studded peplum top! You guys might remember i was on the fence about this but for whatever reason adding a skinny belt really sold me on it. I look forward to more experimentation with this shirt.

Pic 4-6 Was worn yesterday. I've worn this outfit quite a bit to work already but i've never had time to take a picture!

Thanks for looking! Any comment you can dream up is welcome!
More photos and where my clothes are from: http://nickichicki-nickichicki.blogspot.com


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